String interning (WAS: SAX2/Java: Towards a final form)

Tyler Baker tyler at
Tue Jan 18 00:08:02 GMT 2000

Bill la Forge wrote:

> > > I'd go further; based on having written a parser, it seems to
> > > > me that the only sane tactic is for the parser to use
> > > > java.intern(), but only once for each unique name, with some
> > > > sort of internal char[] or equivalent table.  If this is
> > > > true, it's an even stronger argument for just saying "element > types and
> > > attribute names coming out of the parser are intern
> > > > ()ed, period".
> I suspect the java intern doesn't use weak references. And if
> it doesn't, this is a great way to kill server-side XML processing!
> Bill

>From what I have been told, As of JDK 1.2, all od SUN's implementations of their JVM's now
use weak references for the String intern table. Of course, any JVM implementor is free
not to use weak references or a simliar construct, but then again that would be kinda dumb
wouldn't it (-:


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