SAX2: pull interface

Stefan Haustein stefan.haustein at
Tue Jan 18 17:04:41 GMT 2000

Miles Sabin wrote:
> David Meggison wrote,
> > I don't want to do that, but here's a possible compromise:
> I think the advocates of pull would be better off defining
> a completely separate API, better tuned to the very different
> style of parsing and handling they need ... which isn't to
> say that that API couldn't or shouldn't be part of the SAX
> empire.

Actually, I have already implemented a "Pull Wrapper" on 
top of SAX. 

Having two separate APIs for two completely different 
approaches to parsing is probably a cleaner than having a 
"Monser-SAX" doing everything. 

If someone else is implementing a pull parser, we should 
try to agree on a common, parser independent interface.
(e.g. org.xml.pullparser.* ?).

I would like it very much if we could just something 
similar to my current interface (I am nearly through 
implementing an XSchema parser using it), but I am 
open for everything...

My wrapper is LGPL-available at

It is already able to process namespaces. 

Best regards


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