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Len Bullard cbullard at
Tue Jan 18 18:06:28 GMT 2000

Sean McGrath wrote:
> Amen. I see an increasing number of innovative Web apps in which
> the browser is the "viewer" as distinct from the app that is
> doing the real work.
> I think it is interesting to ponder why this is so.
> My (controversial of course) view on this
> is that the Web client-side programming model of an
> embedded, sand-boxed, buggy,
> antithesis-of-a-text-processing-language has finally
> run its course.

Architecturally, it doesn't always make sense to make HTML the 
outer language layer or have a web browser be the framework.  
http and other transports should be just services available to 
any app.  The document centric/flow object model isn't the 
only way to do this.  Sometimes it makes sense; in other 
cases, it is just baggage.


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