Alternatives to the W3C

Dave Winer dave at
Wed Jan 19 23:53:53 GMT 2000

Parsing XML into HTML on the server-side is a good idea. Makes up for lots
of variability on the client side.

And we have some sites that work on Lynx too. I think we're doing pretty
much the same thing you are.

Peace and love brother..


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> On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Dave Winer wrote:
> > >>And the folks in your audience who don't have the latest browser? What
> > then?
> >
> > Easy. The functionality has to degrade so that it at least *works* in
> > older browsers.
> Dave, the discussion at hand was regarding the use of XML+XSL on the
> client side. Please explain how this is supposed to "degrade".
> > These days it's pretty safe to require a version 4-level browser.
> That depends on your audience. We still develop sites for one of our
> largest clients that degrade well enough to be viewed in Lynx, as over 20%
> of their audience - the consumers who buy the client's books - are still
> using Lynx or old GUI browsers on university networks, which, as you may
> not be aware, are notorious for not upgrading to the latest OS revision.
> And yet, we're using XML as a storage format for much of their content,
> and parsing it into HTML (though using Perl rather than XSL, given the
> limitations of their environment and other factors).
> > This is exactly analogous to the "system requirements" that pre-web apps
> > used to have.
> Yes, I suppose you're right. So, a glorious return to the closed and
> proprietary world the Web was supposed to liberate us from. Whee. I
> find it hard to celebrate such willingness to sacrifice everything we
> had gained over the past seven years.
> Steve

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