Alternatives to browsers (was Re: Alternatives to the W3C)

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Thu Jan 20 02:57:28 GMT 2000

David Brownell wrote:

> Steinar Bang wrote:
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> > >>>>> "Thomas B. Passin" <tpassin at>:
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> > > XML (and, say, XML-RPC) is much lighter-weight than CORBA
> > 
> > Hm... that really depends on your definition of "lighter-weight"...
> Indeed.  The first implementation of IIOP was a little engine
> I wrote, which I seem to recall compiled to about 5Kb on an x86.
> That's client and server side, both -- all you needed to interop
> with another IIOP engine (a.k.a ORB).  And yes, it was faster
> than any commercial product I remember hearing about, not just
> smaller than them.  I remember noticing when I hit the sweet spot
> to get have the core engine stay inside that little cache on the
> 486 CPU ... there's nothing like such an observation for an XML
> package.
> I don't recall seeing an XML parser that small, much less one

Remember Jeremie's Javascript XML parser (XParse) - it was about 5K!
[Sorry - I just couldn't resist :) ]


> that also embedded the networking support.  On the other hand,
> CORBA vendors also add their own share of glop to the mix, so
> things tend to even out.
> - Dave

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