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Sean McGrath digitome at
Thu Jan 20 09:08:24 GMT 2000

[Dave Winer]
>> >> Actually, I think the future is increasingly *in* the web browser
>> >
>> >I totally agree.
[>Tim Bray wrote:]
>> Yup, and for one reason: end-users want it.  Len may be right that
>> VB is way more convenient for the *programmer*, but the people of the
>> world have voted with their feet, and they're just not gonna go back to
>> custom-built clients. -Tim
[Len Bullard]
>That contradicts what we see in our business.

Same here. We increasinng use browsers as the viewing technology in
new products. Users sure don't want no custom viewers any more.
However, we join the browser at the hip to home grown client side
code in Delpli/Python/C++ whatever, to create fully featured
products on Windows.

Then there is Carmens Headline Viewer...And an
excellent search add-on whose name I forget... Whatever windoze
application you are running, you click on a word and up pops
a window containing definitions, translations, related information.
Cool stuff.

Anyway, these are interesting apps that do not fit entirely
within the HTML/XML/HTTP/URI world. Perhaps this is
just a passing phase. Perhaps when all machines have web servers
running on localhost out-of-the-box, this will change.
I dunno...



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