XML Schema --> C++

Jean Marc VANEL jean-marc_vanel at effix.fr
Thu Jan 20 10:00:12 GMT 2000


I want to try to generate C++ class declarations from an XML Schema .

Something like:

<template select = '//type' >
  class <value-of select="@name"/> {

<template select = '//element' >
  <value-of select="@type"/> <value-of select="@name"/> ;

- not yet tested
- as writen this would generate embeded classes
- ID's and IDREF's would map to void* and list<void*>
- same principle could be applied to Java etc
- it is desirable to also generate code to fill the C++ objects using DOM or SAX API, but it seems more difficult
- it's also possible (another project!) to parse C++ declarations and generate an XML Schema ; could a round-trip be possible ?

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