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Vilya Harvey vilya at
Thu Jan 20 10:17:28 GMT 2000

Steven Champeon wrote:
> > 2. No-one else seems interested in the fact that app dev is moving
> > this way. I have been told that the next version of Netscape won't
> > offer support for XML and XSL - at least that is hte case for the
> > current test version.
> Hm. If you're referring to Mozilla, I recommend that you download it
> again. They've had some very cool XML+DOM-driven test stuff as part of
> the standard distro for several of the more recent milestone versions.
> As for XSL support in the client, you're right:
> The rationale is sensible, IMHO.

This part of the FAQ is somewhat out of date. XSLT became an official W3C
Recommendation on November 16th last year, so it's no longer "in the
future"; and there *is* currently work underway to add XSLT into Mozilla

> Frankly, I'm thinking of XSL as a server-side technology, especially so
> given that XSLT has roughly the same format and function (though with
> XML->XML translations rather than XML->HTML translations).

You seem a little confused as to what XSL and XSLT actually are. XSLT is
the part of XSL which specifies a document transformation language; it
includes both XML->XML and XML->HTML transformations. XSL adds a
formatting & rendering model specification, along with an XML expression
of that (called formatting objects). Have a look at the W3C's XSL pages[2]
for more information.

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