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Thu Jan 20 16:47:04 GMT 2000


 Rev. Robert L. Hood  said:
By the way, a request to the list.  If any of you have either IE 3.02a/Win9x
IE3.0/AOL4.0/Win3.1 installed somewhere, I would appreciate it if you could
visit my
site and let me know of any problems you encounter.  I'm seeing some strange
things in
my logs tied to these browsers and its interpretation of CSS, but I don't
know if this
translates to user problems...and without another box I can set up for IE3,
I can't test it
myself.  Just swing by and let me know
you see, what time you visited, and - if you know - what IP you're coming
from (so I
can compare your input with the server logs for your visit); this would be
helpful.  As a checkpoint, you *should* see a paper-style background behind
"classified ad" on that page - specified via <div class> referencing an
internal style sheet.

Didier replies:
A living proof of increased costs of publication to adapt to the real
diversity up there :-)) . So behind the word browser the reality is more
that the word browser = {Lynx, Mosaic, IE3.x, IS4.x, IE 5.x, Netscape3.x,
Netscape 4.x, Opera, etc..etc..}

You know how we call that, don't you? Portability. So the real struggle is
to make your document as portable as possible and still appealing to your
target audience. Some will be audacious and others conservative. That's it,
we are a parliament with audacious and conservative :-)))
audacious will try to make it as much different as possible but act as real
gamblers in the process (they may loose a part of the audience),
conservative will make it accessible as possible but won't take any chances
(they may bore a part of the audience).

Who said that the map is not the territory? Koribsky I guess (maybe I
misspelled his name). And who said that members of the audacious party do
not have the same opera glasses than the members of the conservative party
have? Nobody? OK I said that :-)))

Maybe I am getting older but sound to me that this is the same story, the
members of the audacious party do not like the status quo, they want new
things, but they take sometime too much changes (but make the world to move
finally) and the members of the conservative party want things to stay the
same. Hoops I forgot the third party: the pragmatic their motto is "show
that it works" and "if it works don't break it".
Was that Geoffrey Moore that divided the market into the "early adopters,
the visionaries, the pragmatics, the followers and the laggards" so I guess
that we also have these market divisions among us XML-developers on top of
our XML-dev party affiliation :-))) :-))) I know, I know, I tend to see
things through the funny side of the opera glasses.

Didier PH Martin
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