Last Call for Canonical XML

Paul Grosso pgrosso at
Thu Jan 20 16:53:48 GMT 2000

The W3C XML Core Working Group would like to announce the publication 
of the Canonical XML Last Call Working Draft (dated 2000 January 19)
at .

This document describes a subset of the information contained 
in an XML document and a syntax for expressing that subset. 
This syntax, called Canonical XML, is designed to encode the 
logical structure of XML documents; two XML documents whose 
Canonical-XML form is identical will be considered equivalent 
for the purposes of many applications.

The W3C Membership and other interested parties are invited to 
review the specification, make comments, and report implementation 
experience.  Please send comments to 
mailto:www-xml-canonicalization-comments at
(which is publicly archived at ).
The Last Call period ends the 22 February 2000.

Note: The XML Core Working Group strongly solicits commentary, 
especially from early implementors of this Working Draft, on 
the appropriateness of the requirement that Canonical XML be 
in W3C normalized text form as well. The Working Group has 
published a minority report on this question at
A rationale for the majority viewpoint embodied in this draft has 
been published at

Paul Grosso
XML Core WG Co-Chair

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