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David Brownell david-b at
Fri Jan 21 05:29:37 GMT 2000

Len Bullard wrote:
> David Brownell wrote:
> >
> > The web is about open and, dare I say it, _commodity_ standards.
> >
> > That's how it grew so quickly.  De-commoditizing would be a great
> > short-term fix for some companies' market power, but bad long-term
> > from the user perspectve due to a decreased ability for innovation
> > to occur.
> I've never said one should decommoditzize.

I never said you said so -- don't take it personally!

However, the premise that it's OK to design "IE5-only" is
nothing less than a premise that it's OK to decommoditize.

>	  I say the commodities
> must meet reliability testing or be consigned to the open market
> of push cart vendors.  You can buy your food from the push cart,
> and you may like that, but unless there is a health inspector about,
> you've little to say about the food poisoning.

Curious, albeit non-relevant, analogy in response to my point.

So you're in favor of government regulation of the web, then?
Only licenced and approved browsers, limited to IE5?  Else I'm
not sure I see the relevance of what you said.

- Dave

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