Alternatives to the W3C

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Why should the web require a special app at all?  I don't need one app to
access local files and another for those on the server?  We still treat the
web like something outside our normal working space.  We should see local
storage as just web space which happens to be very close.  I know we use
different protocols for local vs web access, but we use more than one
protocol on the web anyway.

In 1985 I heard Bill Gates say that users shouldn't have to worry about
where information is located at all, that's a technical issue for the
software.  He's right.  That's one reason why Microsoft were so keen to get
the browser into the OS.  Web access should be a fundamental aspect of
standard I/O capabilities.  In the long term, of course, it will be...

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>>The future is outside the web browser.
>Actually, I think the future is increasingly *in* the web browser.
>I'm reminded of this everytime I use Microsoft Money. Local and network
>information is pretty much seamlessly brought together and presented
>essentially via a browser embedded in the Money application.
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