interesting data point on preferred computers/browser types

Ann Navarro ann at
Fri Jan 21 16:26:41 GMT 2000

On the W3C WAI Interest Group mailing list,  Charles McCathieNevile
<charles at>, made the following observation: 

"...I am currently sitting in an ordinary Internet cafe in Seattle,
where half the terminals are text-only VT100 terminals and half are
multimedia-capable Windows 95 or Macintosh G3 machines. I am about to be
kicked off my line-mode terminal (there is a 60-minute limit when there are
people waiting for them) and forced onto a multimedia terminal. This is not
because there are people with disabilities, just through popular demand. It
seems that the industry perception that accessibility is only for a very
small group is just plain wrong, at least in this random (if statistically
insignificant) sample...."

While the discussion was about disabilities, it also directly applies to
computers and their equipment. 


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