Alternatives to the W3C (was Re: Alternatives to the W3C)

Colin Muller colin at
Fri Jan 21 16:45:52 GMT 2000

If I may stray off-topic for a second, I'd like to second the view that
a Good Idea supported by Running Code is probably the most workable
alternative to the W3C standards slowgress; it's undoubtedly more
effective than mailing list flame wars. But I digress, so back to the
main point of this thread ...

In brief: IE5.x 41%, IE4.x 36%, NS4.x 17%, everything else 1% or less.
Based on about 497 million unique visitors (unique over what time period
is not specified) over the month of December. Sites involved are mainly
general-interest and not big commercial ones.

All of which suggests to me that XML is best kept server side in open
environments for a good while yet.

Of course, 1% is enough people to earn you a gold record.

Colin Muller

Miles Sabin wrote:
> Brandt Dainow wrote,
> > IE 5= 46.6%
> > IE 4= 23.2%
> > NS 4= 25.8%
> > NS 3= 01.5%
> > REST= 02.9%
> I still have a gut feeling that 46.6% is unrepresentatively
> high.

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