interesting data point on preferred computers/browser types

Lisa Rein lisarein at
Fri Jan 21 17:58:30 GMT 2000

my point was in most internet cafes, there are no vt100 terminals.
that in this particular cafe, the reason why the vt100 terminals are
more popular is because they are better located in the cafe - up on this
cool platform thing and one part is by a window and you can sit with a
friend across from you while you're online. (some of the other units
aren't as socially located).

hence when a decision is made as to what unit to get one's email at the
"internet cafe", in seattle, there are many other considerations :-)


Ann Navarro wrote:
> At 09:52 AM 1/21/00 -0800, Lisa Rein wrote:
> > but the slowest machine in those babies
> >was an imac :-)
> The point wasn't that there are "slow" machines in there, but that the
> PREFERENCE was to the vt100 terminals, and not the whiz-bang machines.
> Ann
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