Alternatives to the W3C

Len Bullard cbullard at
Sat Jan 22 18:55:34 GMT 2000

Ann Navarro wrote:
> At 10:42 PM 1/20/00 -0600, Len Bullard wrote:
> > That is the level at which your thesis fails
> >and if we were to rely on that, our customers would fail.  In our
> >case, that means the ambulance does not get dispatched on time to your
> >Mom's house when your uncle has a heart attack.
> Quite frankly, putting a CAD system in the hands of ASP scares me more than
> anything else a consultant might or might not know.
> Ann (veteran of 10 years behind the mike between San Jose PD/FD, King
> County (WA) PD, and Monterey County, CA consolidated PD/FD dispatch centers).

But putting an application that uses web technology in other 
hands that can post events via ASP to the dispatch center is 
precisely one of the hot selling items.  Things change.  What 
hasn't changed is the need for high reliability in that 
application and right now, it is achieved by picking a 
browser and sticking to that framework.



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