Geoworks and their patent

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Sun Jan 23 18:40:00 GMT 2000

At 6:18 PM 1/22/00, Didier PH Martin wrote:
>Dave I am confused by the article. On one hand they talk about the patent as
>a patent about something that may be associated to style sheets and on the
>other hand they talk about WAP which is more a protocol. So, After reading
>the article I still do not know what really is the impact:
>a) stylesheets are patented by Geowork
>b) WML is patented
>c) the WAP protocol is patented by Geowork

The full patent text for "Process of designing user's interfaces for
application programs" is at the USPTO's website and available as:


A method for invoking a user interface for use with an application
operating in a computer system which involves providing in the computer
system a generic object class that corresponds to a class of function that
is to be performed using the user interface; specifying in the application
instance data in the form of a generic object specification that
corresponds to the generic object class, the instance data including
attribute criteria and hint criteria; providing in the computer system at
least one specific user interface toolbox and controller that operates in
the computer system to provide a selection of possible specific user
interface implementations for use in performing the class of function; and
providing in the computer system at least one interpreter that corresponds
to the at least one specific user interface toolbox and controller.

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