Geoworks and their patent

Terje Norderhaug terje at
Sun Jan 23 19:42:05 GMT 2000

At 9:00 PM 1/22/00, Didier PH Martin wrote:
>After reading the patent I may be wrong, but a possible interpretation is
>that any HTML browser which is platform independent would fall under this
>patent not only WML browsers.

That is my interpretation as well after skimming through the patent.

>Maybe they didn't picked HTML browsers as
>target because people wouldn't take them seriously when they are talking
>about royalties but to say WAP and WML, something new, this seems a better
>pray :-) and it works, they stock value increased.

They may also think it is easier to get going with the Deep Pockets behind
the recent standards. Then they could always go for HTML browsers and XML
later, citing the original agreements as argument. This assumes they really
have plans for enforcing the patent, not only get PR and trick their stock
to rise.

I suspect they will have a hard time getting much out of this patent. Or at
least, I hope so. Shame on them for applying for the patent in the first

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