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Rahul Chugh rchugh at
Mon Jan 24 10:46:31 GMT 2000

Dear Sir
I am on a project which needs parsing of DTD.
i am in need of following parsers libraries either in java or c++(header
files) :-

1)to check the validity of DTD
2)to check he validity of XML
3)to extract a DTD from an well formed XML File
4)to Check wether its  a inline DTD or an EXTERNAL DTD
please help me out or send me the header files on c++, or links to these
as i am in great need of theses
hoping for a positive reply
QUARK Media House (India) Ltd.
52 Industrial Area Phase 2,
Chandigarh - 160002 (INDIA)
*	Phone : (091) - (172) - 658373/4/5 Ext. : 293
*	Fax : (091) - (172)- 658377
*	email:- rchugh at

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