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Mon Jan 24 13:25:40 GMT 2000

<uche.ogbuji at> wrote

> Thomas B. Passin <tpassin at>:
> > XML (and, say, XML-RPC) is much lighter-weight than CORBA and easier to
> > going.  There are (I imagine) many, many applications that don't need
> > the CORBA machinery.  Java RMI supposes Java, but how about something
> > non-Java people?
> What?  I don't mean to sound nasty, but every few months in this forum
> is a thread on CORBA vs XML/HTTP and there are inevitable quotes that
> "hard to get into" or "heavyweight" or whatever, and it makes me wonder
> whether those speaking have looked at CORBA.

Ok, friends, I surrender!  And it's true, I spoke as one with little
practical experience.  What I was thinking was that, based on things I had
read, it seemed that there was lot of machinery - a lot of pieces that did
different things - and that both ends of the relationship had to understand
each other a lot more intimately than might be the case with xml.  But I've
got to agree that the xml area has gotten very complex itself.

Thanks to all for setting me straight.

Tom Passin

> CORBA is much like XML, folks.  It can be as easy to "get into" as
> <tag>you're it</tag>
> or as abstruse as W3C schemata or XPath.  It can be as lightweight as SAX
> as heavyweight as fully-implemented DOM.
> And practically, having trained people in distributed programming, I
> agree that XML+HTTP is easier for beginners than CORBA.  CORBA can be used
> with almost complete transparency from most languages, wheras XML/HTTP
> requires a frightening knowledge of formats and libraries.  Maybe XML-RPC
> easy from UserLand's tools, but I prefer Python, and I know that CORBA for
> Python is much easier than XML-RPC.  My second preference is C++ and I can
> the same in that case.  Luckily, I'm not crazy for Java, since its CORBA
> binding is an almighty nightmare.  Come to think of it, maybe that's why
> are so many misocorbists about: there are a lot of Java-heads hereabouts
> they prolly caught sight of the Java binding...
> So to those who think that CORBA is hard, I invite them to actually try
> simple echo server used as example in so many packages (about ten lines of
> Python code on either the client or server side).  To those who think it's
> heavyweight, I encourage them to test the performance of TAO or ORBit.

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