FW: Arrgh! - FW: Call for unifying and clarifying XML 1.0, DOM, XPATH, and XML Infoset

Simon St.Laurent simonstl at simonstl.com
Mon Jan 24 17:06:31 GMT 2000

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From: Kevin Williams <Kevin.Williams at ultraprise.com>

>Here are the issues I have with Nils' comments:
>1. The Infoset is not the same as the DOM. The Infoset does not imply a tree
>structure. The Infoset should never imply a tree structure, as it's intended
>to describe the behavior of non-node-oriented processors such as SAX.
>2. Attributes are different than other nodes. An attribute by itself is
>meaningless - it needs to be associated with an element. Attributes are
>unordered. I believe the W3C made the right call by making attributes not
>children of the elements with which they are associated.
>3. The term "information item" is a necessary one because of the overuse of
>other synonyms (such as element, attribute, and so on) in the DOM
>specifications. Information items are none of these.
>4. Nils appears to be obsessed with terminology in the XML 1.0
>specification, which is significantly out of date at this point. The newer
>drafts should be taken as the "official" W3C position - there's just not
>anyone providing errata to the original document to keep it in line. For
>example, the current way of thinking says that there's a Document node,
>which must have exactly one Element child node. XML 1.0 says something
>slightly different, but that's not important.
>While I agree that the W3C specifications can go a little heavy on the
>jargon, I think that the way the specifications are constructed is necessary
>and correct. The last thing we need is to see all of these different specs
>munged together into one "unified" specification that limits the available
>functionality of XML as it exists today. Perhaps Nils would be happier with
>SML, with no pesky attributes to worry about...
>- Kevin
>Kevin Williams
>Ultraprise Corporation (www.ultraprise.com)
>Co-author, _Professional XML_ (Wrox Press)

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