Auxiliary parses/subdocuments in XML

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Norman Gray <norman at> wrote:

>However: the definition of `unparsed entity' at the beginning of
>section 4 of the XML spec states that an unparsed entity's contents
>may not be XML.

Fortunately you have chosen the unintended meaning of the ambiguous
wording.  When it says "may not be XML" it means "may be not XML".
This is clarified in the errata:

 E25 Clarification Source: minutes XML-Syntax 1999-02-24 E30

 Section 4 
  Amend the first sentence of the third paragraph to read: "An
  unparsed entity is a resource whose contents may or may not be text,
  and if text, may be other than XML."

  The original text could be interpreted as saying that unparsed
  entities which are text can't be XML, which is wrong.

-- Richard
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