RSS 0.92???

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Mon Jan 24 23:03:01 GMT 2000

RSS has made a very large impact on the web and the XML community at

However I think it is time for a 0.92 revision.  Specifically because
RSS should become more of a slashdot type discussion content while
maintaining it's thin capability as in and

I have the following suggestions:

Ideas for a 0.92 version of RSS

- support an author within an item
        - necessary for a RSS channel published by a company

- support an image within an item

    - adds extensions to become more like a portal site.  For small this can just be ignored.  However for weblog
sites like
      slashdot or my home page ( this is necessary.

- <more> which is a URL that expands to a larger article
    - this can be used to bootstrap into a discussion URL or to a longer
      of the <description> tag.

- <desription> should not be CDATA anymore.  It should contain multiple
  paragraphs <p>

- published date on <items> via <pubDate>.  This allows you to keep
track of
  how old (or fresh) the content is.

- language on items.  This is necessary for global RSS


Also, anyone have a contact with Netscape about this?  Their newsgroup
is pretty empty. 

Kevin A Burton
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