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Peter Murray-Rust peter at
Tue Jan 25 14:50:31 GMT 2000

[MODERATORIAL. A gentle indication of good list practice follows...]

At 12:36 PM 1/25/00 +0000, Toby Speight wrote:

[... an exemplary example of how and when to change a subject line ...]

I have replied to this, and also changed the subject line to reflect the
content of *this* message :-)

Note that I have:
	- removed the "(was Alternatives... suffix)"
	- inserted a (was: ...) to show whence this came
	- added a descriptive subject
	- replied *only* to the list, not to the author

Anyone else who wishes to reply to a posting with a subject line containing
one-or-more instances of "Alternatives to the W3C" should consider whether
their reply now fits the "Web browsers and editors" theme better.

The reason I have revitalised this is that Henry and I want to try to
analyse the list content and structure so that we can normalise and
hyperlink the content of XML-DEV. Removing spurious material and
encouraging good subject lines will be helpful in this process.


[BTW some will have noticed that the hypermailer is capable of time travel
(the MCMLXX bug). This is not present in the original mail, I think.]

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