Politics? baaah no, Feedback on peer's work? yeah!

Didier PH Martin martind at netfolder.com
Tue Jan 25 15:21:27 GMT 2000

Hi Eliot,

Since politics seem popular in this list these days. I'll break the trend by
being the fisrt in this list to provide you with feedback about the docuent
you posted (ref: Using UML to Define XML document types)

a) first and formemost, since it now seems that we have a plethora of way to
define an XML document structure and types, your approach have the advantage
to isolate from these particular ways to define an XML document. From what I
read, this method will surely be favored by visually inclined people. But
for more aural ones, text methods will would probbly prevail. I still have
to carefully understand and study the advantages you listed.

b) In page 3 you said: "Elements have a local type name, a "public"
(persistent) name...". What do you mean by a persistent name in addition to
the local type name?

c) In page 4 the figure shows an element's information content. I know that
we do not have for XML the equivalent of the grove element"s class
definition. But, is this list of properties for an element the only ones or
is there any additional ones. Or are these properties above the abstraction
level of the element's properties.

d) Your element's content definition (page 5) is probaly more useful than
the actual info set definition since your definition show the relationship
between the elements. Thus, there is less ambiguity.

enough for the moment. I need a second reading to ding more into it.

Thanks for this good work Eliot.

Didier PH Martin
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