Call for unifying and clarifying XML 1.0, DOM, XPATH, and XML Infoset

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> If the W3C were led rationally by
> people with the public interest at heart, the fact that the relevant
> ISO stuff actually works would get some serious attention there.  As
> things are, it's a thought-crime punishable by excommunication even to
> utter the dreaded ISO 10744 term "architectural form" within earshot
> of the W3C.  Either they simply don't get it,

I can say with some confidence that "they" don't get it.  I don't get it.
The DOM WG has wrestled with the ISO stuff and took out of it all that we
thought could use.  The SML-DEV people wrestled with the ISO stuff from
their fresh start at all this and don't get it either.  A lot of people who
are not not stupid or lazy or subject to anyone's irrational phobias have
tried and failed to understand what you see in the ISO specs that would lead
you to believe that they have solved in a useful way the problems we wrestle

The "lack of influence garnered by ISO 10744" is, as near as I can tell, the
result of its difficulty for an ordinarily intelligent person to understand,
not a conspiracy involving Microsoft, the press, the W3C, or anyone else.
Point the world to a clarified, unified, readable exposition of the "ISO
stuff" that doesn't presume that one understands the entire SGML property
set and I assure you it will be given fair consideration by a lot of people.

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