SAX newbie Q : absolute DTD path in system id

Jim Sweeney jsweeney at
Wed Jan 26 16:11:06 GMT 2000

My original question was a little confusing, so I'm posting a clarification
I sent to Bill:

Yes, the DTD exists in the directory specified by an absolute path such as: 

<!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "c:\xml\dtd\foo.dtd">

but if the XML file with the above reference is in c:\xml\files\, I get a
"FileNotFoundException: c:\xml\files\c:\xml\dtd\foo.dtd" when I attempt to
execute "java SAXApp file:///C:/xml/files/foo.xml"

if I change the DOCTYPE reference to:

<!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "foo.dtd">

it finds the DTD and the document is parsed.  It's like the application is
hardwired to assume the system id is a relative path.  I'd like to know how
to make my SAX/XP app accept an absolute DTD path.

Jim Sweeney

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> From: Sparkman Bill [mailto:Sparkman_Bill at]
> Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 1:24 PM
> To: 'Jim Sweeney'
> Subject: RE: SAX newbie Q : absolute DTD path in system id
> Hi jim:
> I'm confused.  
> Does the DTD exist?
> Is it where the dtd tag in the xml file says it will be?
> It does not seem like you should be getting an error like this.
> Bill 

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