xml:lang: Am I doing more work than I need to be?

Christian Hammond chipx86 at portaldesign.net
Wed Jan 26 19:12:14 GMT 2000

I have been working on development of a XML parser over the past month. It
doesn't use SAX (please don't hurt me! :), but its main strength is the
ability to load modules for handling different namespaces on-the-fly. I have
been working on getting xml:lang support implemented, but there is one thing
I'm confused about. Perhaps I didn't read the specs clearly enough, but I
couldn't find the information I need.

Let's say in your XML file, you have:

<p xml:lang="en">
<p xml:lang="en-GB">

If a user has "en" set as his preferred language, I imagine the first <p> will
be processed, but the second won't. Now, if the user has en-GB set has the
preferred language, I would imagine the second would be processed. What about
the first then? If that second <p> didn't exist, would the first ever get
processed? Or is "en" always processed if "en-*" is set?

Christian Hammond

Christian Hammond - chipx86 at portaldesign.net
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