Attribute normalisation and character entities

Tim Bray tbray at
Thu Jan 27 23:22:44 GMT 2000

At 03:00 PM 1/27/00 -0800, David Brownell wrote:
>There are two curious points in 3.3.3 ... first, that character and
>entity refs may appear, and second that CRLF sequences may appear (line
>endings already having been normalized).

The most curious point about 3.3.3 is that it exists at all.  Why the
$#%%!@! should attribute values be "normalized" anyhow?  This was a pure
process failure: at no point during the 18-month development cycle of
XML 1.0 did anyone stand up and say "why are you doing this?"  I'd bet
big bucks that if someone had, the silly thing would have died a 
well-deserved death. -Tim

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