Seeking a Dao of Groves

Simon North north at synopsys.COM
Fri Jan 28 10:49:14 GMT 2000

Lars Marius Garshol said:

> Very intersting.  It looks as if I'll have to seek out Mr. Kimber,
> guru tokens in hand.  I, too used to throw up my hands at any mention
> of groves, given the stream of perverse jargon that seemed to
> accompany its discussion.  

For me, Eliot (Doctor Macro) would fill the role although I got my 
HyTime initiation from Steve Newcomb and Michel Biezunski. 
Paul's links are excellent, and his tutorial is one of the best, but if 
the URL hasn't already circulated I'd point everyone to Isogen's 
excellent set of white papers at: 

which includes an extremely helpful paper by Eliot himself 
(Managing SGML Architectures and Object Models                     
with Groves,

It's high time Steve DeRose talked to Kluwer about a second 
edition of the book (Making Hypermedia Work)!

Me, I'd love to write a 'Teach Yourself HyTime in 21 Days" but 
somehow I can't see my acquisitions editor at Macmillan 
swallowing that one!

Simon North
"Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days"

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