a case in OASIS test suite

Takuki Kamiya kamiya at rp.open.cs.fujitsu.co.jp
Fri Jan 28 12:56:21 GMT 2000

Richard Tobin wrote:
> >After revisiting the description in XML 1.0 Sec. 4.1, It still looks non-WF
> >to me.
> See erratum E34 (http://www.w3.org/XML/xml-19980210-errata#E34) which
> applies to this section.
> The idea is that it can't be a well-formedness constraint if not all
> processors would see the error, and those that read the external
> subset would think it was perfectly good.

Thanks for pointing me to the erratum.

However, my understanding on the conclusion of E34 appears contrary to yours.

E34 seems to conclude that it is now legitimately made to be a well-
formedness constraint by saying that:

"the Name given in the entity reference must match that in an entity
 declaration that does not occur within the external subset or a
 parameter entity."

So I believe E34 makes it evident that OASIS inv-not-sa03 is not only
invalid but also not-well-formed.

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