Seeking a Dao of Groves

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> > However, it has not been presented in an effective manner. Almost the
> > only piece of information about it that is easy to understand for a
> > programmer is Paul Prescod's tutorial[1]. I have read it, worked with

I can't help you with the Dao of Groves, but I do try to maintain
a collection of references to Grove exposition.  See:

"Groves, Grove Plans, and Property Sets in 

This topical section contains references to a number of
shorter contributions -- which may or may not bring
enlightenment.  See, for example, some clarifying
comments by Steve Newcomb in September 1999:

It's my belief that software based upon the "grove
paradigm" is being used with good success to solve some
very thorny problems.  To see the demos (and applications)
is pretty cool.

It's also true that "groves" represents a high level of
abstraction, and one still needs to (a) invent the property
set for the corresponding representations, and (b) decide
whether the theoretical base of SGML/DSSSL/HyTime/XML
is an ideal modeling heuristic.  As I understand the
situation, the Grove constructs do not conform entirely
to prevailing "object oriented" paradigm, which does not
privilege a (markup-based) distinction between "content"
and "not-content."  Whatever possible inconcinnities lurk
here (arguably a feature not a bug), I do witness some
interesting grove-based applications.  Most are large
scale, for solving large-scale problems.  Check out

- Robin Cover

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