Expat & internal entities

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Fri Jan 28 19:04:01 GMT 2000

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> Subject: Expat & internal entities
> I have been working on this problem for a few hours now, and 
> haven't gotten
> much further. When something like < or   is parsed in 
> expat, I want
> to be able to recieve it and do what I want with it. I can 
> capture  
> by using XML_SetDefaultHandler(), but the <, >, &, 
> and ' don't
> get captured. They automatically get transformed to <, >, &, and ".
> What can I do about this? It is pretty important for my 
> parser, and I don't
> feel like hacking the expat source code :)

	Do you have a CharacterData handler defined? If so, I think
	that is your problem. You need to handle everything through
	the DefaultHandler instead.

	I have this problem as well. When I traced thru the expat
	code, I found that it translates these entities if there
	is a CharacterData handler defined. By getting rid of this
	handler, it should give you the raw entities in the DefaultHandler.

	(I say "should" because I haven't implemented the fix myself yet,
	 but this is what I'm planning to do...)


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