ANN: SAX 2.0 extension proposals.

Miles Sabin msabin at
Mon Jan 31 18:46:01 GMT 2000

David Brownell wrote,

> Now, it's been quite some time since I looked at Sun's proposal,
> since it seemed too limited to be useful.  One of the few things
> that seemd potentially interesting was a factory API that gave 
> some control over the objects returned -- you could say you 
> needed a validating parser, and that's what you'd get.

Last time I looked Sun's stuff wasn't nearly as useful as you
suggest. Basically they've thrown away ParserFactory and
replaced it with something similar which (presumably) sits on
top of their J2EE config files. As far as I remember there's no
way of specifying a particular set of Parser features.

> The "XMLReaderImplementation" class you propose could be used by
> such a factory to do its work.

Indeed ... and that's exactly what I've done. Check out
org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLReaderImplementations (note the plural).

> Alternatively, such a factory could be driven by a config file 
> (in XML :-) describing various parsers that are available.

That's the strategy I took for the transparent SAX 1 adaptor
stuff. Not XML tho' ... too many chicken and egg problems I
fear ;-)



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