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Ingo Macherius Ingo.Macherius at
Mon Apr 21 15:22:45 BST 1997

While writing my article (submitted to editor :) a few small questions
came up. If anyone knows the answers, please let me know.

1) Link modell

Given an instance like

to model a monthly magazine, does the locator,article)(3,issue)(4,year)
yield *all* children of 2nd article in 3rd issue in 4th year ? This is my
understanding of WD-xml-link-970406, 5.3.2 ... but I am not sure.

2) WWW6 conference canonical URL
Is there a browseable version if Jon Bosak's WWW6 talk. I just found the
archives on sunsite. Is there something similar for Tim Brays talk on
XML links ?

3) Javasoft 
Are there plans to integrate an XML parser into the future standard libs 
for Java ? Please ignore if this question is too political.

4) XML tools
Have I missed a XML related tool ? Got NXP, LARK, JUMBO, JADE, LT NSL and
all of sunsite's examples.
Thanks in advance

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