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In message <199704211322.PAA14496 at> Ingo Macherius writes:
> While writing my article (submitted to editor :) a few small questions
> came up. If anyone knows the answers, please let me know.
> 1) Link modell
> Given an instance like
> 	<year>...
> 		<issue>...
> 			<article>...
> 			...	
> 			<article>...
> 		</issue>
> 		<issue>
<!-- amended by PMR -->
> 			<article ID="FOO">
> 			...	
> 			</rticle>...
> 			<article>...
> 			...	
> 			</rticle>...
> 			...
> 		</issue>	
> 	</year>
> 	<year>
> 		...
> 	</year>
> to model a monthly magazine, does the locator
> yield *all* children of 2nd article in 3rd issue in 4th year ? This is my
> understanding of WD-xml-link-970406, 5.3.2 ... but I am not sure.

I asked a similar question some time ago but none of the gurus replied.
My interpretation of the TEI synatx (and I don't think it's clear in the draft)
is that a sequence like:
is identical to the (meaningful) sequence
and the operator is implicit in the shorter form.  JUMBO would presently
expand your query to:
which would fail for your document.  A typical query for me would be
which would be equivalent to 

If you want ALL of something, you have to write ALL (the spec is clear
on that :-)

*** TEI experts/ERB *** please shine some light on this :-) *********


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