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I received this mail in answer of my xml-dev posting, but never saw
it reaching the list, despite CC: It does not appear in the archives, too.
So this is my forward :)

C M Sperberg-McQueen said:

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| Subject: Re: small questions
| >While writing my article (submitted to editor :) a few small questions
| >came up. If anyone knows the answers, please let me know.
| >
| >1) Link modell
| >
| >Given an instance like
| > ...
| >to model a monthly magazine, does the locator
| >,article)(3,issue)(4,year)
| >yield *all* children of 2nd article in 3rd issue in 4th year ? This is my
| >understanding of WD-xml-link-970406, 5.3.2 ... but I am not sure.
| It yields (unless there is some undetected difference from TEI pointers
| which I've missed) the fourth YEAR element within the third ISSUE
| within the second ARTICLE directly contained within the root element.
| In other words, you have your parameter groups backwards.
| The result is the element named, not its tags.  The children of
| the element are part of the element, so they are addressed, as a
| package.
| -C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

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