Xapi-J: an architectural detail

Sarah Slocombe sarah at attd.com
Wed Aug 6 21:55:13 BST 1997


I've been following this thread with great interest. 
I'm trying to piece together the suggestions so far but
I wonder if I've muddled it already. Perhaps I should just 
wait a bit longer but things are really starting to get 
exciting now!

As I understand it, we've got:

public interface INode{
    public INode getParent();
    public void setParent(INode aContainer);

(Or is INode ONLY so things have a common base class/
interface, and shouldn't have any methods? Or does an 
IContainer never need to deal with parents? Or ought even 
parent stuff to be handled by iterators?)

public interface IContainer extends INode{
    public Enumeration getContents();
    public void insertContent(IContent aContent, 
        IContent preceedingContent);
    public void appendContent(IContent aContent);
    public void removeContent(IContent aContent);

public interface IContent extends INode{
     public String getData();

public interface IElement extends IContent, IContainer{
    public String getType();
    public void setType(String aType);
    public void addAttribute(String name, String value);
    public void removeAttribute(String name);
    public IAttribute getAttribute(String attributeName);
    public java.util.Enumeration getAttributes();

So far so good? Now what about IAttribute? John Tigue's

public interface IAttribute{
    public String getName();
    public void setName(String aName);
    public String getValue();
    public void setValue();

Ought this to inherit from IContent? Chris Lloyd spoke of
IContainer vs. IProperty -- are IContent and IProperty the
same thing?

Thanks for any help.

Sarah Slocombe
sarah at attd.com

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