Xapi-J: an architectural detail

John Tigue john at datachannel.com
Wed Aug 6 22:49:28 BST 1997

Sarah Slocombe wrote:

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> So far so good? Now what about IAttribute? John Tigue's
> shown:
> public interface IAttribute{
>     public String getName();
>     public void setName(String aName);
>     public String getValue();
>     public void setValue();
> }
> Ought this to inherit from IContent? Chris Lloyd spoke of
> IContainer vs. IProperty -- are IContent and IProperty the
> same thing?
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IContent is for things in things so I think IAttribute would extend
INode and maybe an IProperty but not IContent as it was initially
designed. We haven't nailed down which interfaces are in Xapi-J. I think
Chris was saying that IProperty is for leaves in the parse tree. I've
been maintaining a site which discusses the Xapi-J interfaces at
http://www.datachannel.com/ChannelWorld/xml/dev. You can find the other
Xapi-J interfaces there.

As for stopping at some point and labeling what we have as Xapi-J 1.0, I
think we are very close to a point where we can do that. The real work
is having XML processor providers implementing Xapi-J. I have a
functional XML processor which complies to Xapi-J which I've been using
to test the concepts. It doesn't reflect the latest stuff like INode.
I'll rev the site and the example processor this weekend.

John Tigue
Sr. Software Architect
jtigue at datachannel.com

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