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John Tigue john at datachannel.com
Sun Aug 10 06:46:53 BST 1997

sdarya at bna.com wrote:

> I tried the demo on MS IE 3 (Windows95). I get a program exception
> error
> and IE crashes. Do I have to have Netscape?
> <snip/>

If you are referring to the Java applet at
http://www.datachannel.com/xml/viewer, it has been shown to work on all
major browsers on all major platforms. This XML viewer has been
thoroughly tested and tech-supported past all serious problems. Please
do not post tech support questions about DataChannel demo code to
xml-dev; I do not believe that they are interested in such matters. If
anyone has any questions, please e-mail me directly at
john at datachannel.com. It will be my pleasure to help get the viewer
running on your machine.

John Tigue
Sr. Software Architect
jtigue at datachannel.com

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