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In message <199708282103.WAA04320 at GPO.iol.ie> digitome at iol.ie (Sean Mc Grath) writes:
> >I decided that it wasn't very helpful to punt on my own suggestion. A few
> ><P>'s on whitespace follow. Adapt/preserve/wrap-fish-in them as you like.
> >
> Thanks. I found your 5 paragraphs very helpful. I'm sure other developers will
> as well.

Agreed. I had finally come to the conclusion that the most important thing was 
to provide a guide on this. I hope that readers of this list will feel that, 
although the discussion has been long, it has been valuable. An important 
aspect of this list is that it is hypermailed and that people can refer back to 
seminal contributions or even threads. (I can see the current thread being
useful for some people revisiting this topic. It may not mirror their thought
processes, but it shows - I hope - that this is not an easy topic and
newcomers may take time to adjust.)

Although the list is indexed automatically (thanks Henry), I had thought about
providing a manually created set of pointers to what (I feel) have been 
useful contributions to come out of this list and to which people might wish
to refer. (For example, I frequently refer to Eliot Kimber's treatise on links
and David's WS paras would be similar.  There are also quite a few URLs of value
mentioned. OTOH, I know that Robin Cover indexes things from this list.

As for an XML-DEV FAQ, I am sure this would be valuable in the future - is
there a need for it at present? (remember that there are XML FAQ from Peter
Flynn, and Robin Cover's remarkable collection of everything *ML-like.) 
There was also - at one stage - enthusiasm for collecting and mirroring 
XML resources, so as to avoid long download problems - any volunteers (or
even sites I have missed :-) If there is a need and volunteers, this may be
a good time to start.


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