CommerceNet Portfolio Meeting & Launch of XML/EDI Task Force

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Fri Aug 29 23:56:19 BST 1997

To all interested parties.

CommerceNet will be conducting its quarterly members meeting and research portfolio meetings September 15-17, 1997.  On Tuesday, Sep. 16, there will be two meetings that may be of interest to participants of this email list.  If you plan to attend, pleasae be sure to register online.  If you would like to participate via conference call facilities contact Patrick Gannon <mailto:gannon at> or Rik Drummond <mailto:drummond at>.

Information Access Portfolio
Members Meeting
Tuesday, Sep. 16, 1997
9:30am - 11:30am
TechMart - Santa Clara, CA

9:30 am	Introductions & Status of Projects, Patrick Gannon, Executive Director, CN-IAP.  mailto:gannon at

9:40 am	Automating the Web, Phillip Merrick, President webMethods, Inc.  mailto:phillip at

This presentation and demonstration will show how webMethods is applying XML to provide automated access to Web data and services from mainstream business applications. A multi-carrier shipping and tracking service will be highlighted to illustrate real business use of the technology.

Phillip Merrick is founder and President of webMethods, Inc., the leading supplier of Web automation and integration solutions to the Global 2000. Over his career he has architected  and managed several application development tools in use at large IT organizations around the world.


10:10 am	Shopping Assistants in Internet Commerce, Dan Weld, CTO, Netbot, Inc.   mailto:weld at

Dan will discuss Netbot's "parallel pull" agent technology, and how it has been used in the "Jango" internet shopping assistant. He will compare how this technology relates to comparable agent technologies and database integration technologies. He will also discuss NetBot's experience in using it for information integration across stores, review sites, and other sources. Dan will also include a discussion of the "comparison shopping" issue, and our experience with retailers.

Dan Weld is a founder and CTO of Netbot Inc. He is also a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. He has led the Intelligent Agent research group for several years, during which they have developed many innovative approaches to aggregating information from a wide variety of Internet information sources.

Netbot Jango Download and information

Parallel Pull from the Invisible Web

Dan Weld

10:40 am	XML Catalog Project Results, Dr. Terry Allen, CNgroup.  Mailto:terry.allen at

Dr. Allen is leading the project to create three sample merchant catalogs and one Document Type Definition file using XML.  He will be explaining the process and showing the sample results.

Dr. Allen is a specialist in technical standards that support complex electronic publishing applications, including information discovery and retrieval, metadata, and internationalization.  He is a codesigner of the Docbook DTD, the SGML application most commonly used for computer documentation. He has participated in IETF and W3C working groups on HTML, XML, URIs, MIME, SGML, WEBDAV, and the OCLC metadata group.  He has a BA and MA from the Univ of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from Harvard U.

11:20 am	XML iMarket Action Planning, All Attendees

This project is being designed to build a demonstration virtual marketplace which utilizes the multiple vendor XML catalogs with standard DTDs and allows shoppers to search for products across vendors by specifying product and merchant attributes.  The use of style sheets to enable merchant differentiation and promotion of brand equity is also planned.

11:30 am	Adjourn.  

Attendees are invited to attend the EDI & Network Services Portfolio meeting at 3:00pm to 6:00pm where there will be an XML Tutorial and ically definable. 


Dr. Robert J. Glushko is the Director for Component-Based Commerce at CNgroup, a recent "spin-off" from CommerceNet that provides software and services in support of open Internet markets.  Until May 1997 he was the Chief Scientist and Vice President for Strategy at Passage Systems, a consulting and systems integration firm specializing in SGML-based publishing (which he co-founded in 1992). He has nearly twenty years of research, development, and consulting experience in online publishing and commerce, SGML and XML, and user interfaces for hypertext systems and information retrieval.  

All attendees must register online.  Non-CommerceNet members are invited to attend the portfolio meetings on Tuesday, Sep. 16.  The Wednesday meeting is for CommerceNet members only.

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