The MONDO Approach: Introduction

Mark L. Fussell fussellm at
Mon Dec 1 10:37:53 GMT 1997

I realize the MONDO Design document is a bit difficult to digest in toto, 
so I thought I might try to produce short examples of MONDO's approach to 
particular problems that have been brought up on XML-Dev, c.t.sgml, JXML, 
java forums, or other related areas.  This may help people to see where 
MONDO is different, useful, or flawed compared to other approaches -- and 
to have a particular topic to comment on instead of a whole (approaching 
100 page) document.  

The most important word in the above paragraph was "short".  I will try 
to be very brief: 1/2 - 3 pages.  I have difficulty with this type of 
brevity (i.e. I hate leaving out details), but I will try very hard and I 
do have another outlet for more details: the Design Document and its 
additions.  This brevity means that the approach statements will not 
really explain anything in detail, especially not the whys.  

    This does not mean I think the problems are trivial or the solutions 
easy to understand on their own (MONDO is simple at its core but complex 
in its implications).  The fuller description of the problem will come 
from previous or subsequent discussions, and the MONDO solution is (or 
will be) more fully explained in the Design Document, the interfaces, or 
the code.

    The brevity and the "emailness" of these approach statements also 
ensures I will not include any diagrams.  I love diagrams and I think I 
produce pretty informative ones.  Please look at the relevant (usually 
referenced) portion of the Design document to check for diagrams that may 
help explain how MONDO is thinking.

    Most of the approach statements will be pattern-ish.  A Title, A 
Problem, An Approach, and Tradeoffs/Comments.  Because the statements are 
so short they will not really be patterns (and certainly not good ones), 
but I thought I would mention the structure.

I was planning on posting all of these to XML-Dev & JXML, and some of 
them to advanced-java.  I am currently undecided about c.t.sgml.  If 
anyone has suggestions about this ("not here" or "maybe there") let me know.


MONDO is a general architecture for encoding, modeling, and processing 
information.  MONDO is especially designed for building information from 
human-readable text files and then doing sophisticated interactions with 
that information.  Its first reference implementation is in Java, which 
will be released shortly.  More information about MONDO can be found at 
the main WWW site:

mark.fussell at

  i   ChiMu Corporation      Architectures for Information
 h M   info at         Object-Oriented Information Systems
C   u         Architecture, Frameworks, and Mentoring

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