RFC: Simple XML Event-Based API for Java

Toby Speight tms at ansa.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 10:49:28 GMT 1997

Antony> Antony Blakey <URL:mailto:antony at n-space.com.au>

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Antony> David Megginson wrote:
>> I would lose Ælfred's resolveEntity() callback

Antony> One of the major pains we have had using the available XML
Antony> tools is the lack of a resolveEntity() callback.  Originally
Antony> we wanted to use PUBLIC identifiers and resolve them using a
Antony> catalog, but now we use SYSTEM urls and have a dedicated http
Antony> host to resolve resources. Unfortunately we need to ship tools
Antony> to customers who may not be able to resolve the URL.  It is
Antony> not feasible to change the SYSTEM identifiers.  What we need
Antony> to do is change the URL on the fly (ie redirect through a
Antony> proxy or a lookup), or actually provide the input stream from
Antony> within the program ie. the entity is stored as a string, or
Antony> accessed through ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream().  This is
Antony> also neccessary if you want to store resources in a versioned
Antony> object base and have the version number implicit in the
Antony> processing, rather than explicitly mentioned in the URL
Antony> (although we have in fact done exactly this :)

ISTM that there's no difficulty in bolting on an XmlEntityResolver
interface to the design, and a method in XmlProcessor to register it
(just one small interface, David!).  An XmlApplication could implement
the resolver interface, so it doesn't necessarily imply a proliferation
of classes.

However, I say it should be kept as simple as possible (but no simpler)
to start with, and goodies like the resolver can be added once there
are some implementations.  Perhaps we'll want a "Level 2" API that
extends the interfaces in the Level 1 API?

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I agree with PMR's comments on this lot (why can't people just include
an URL to their personal information, like my X-Author-Info header?)


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