Failure Criteria: Simple XML Event-Based API for Java

Peter Murray-Rust peter at
Wed Dec 31 20:12:26 GMT 1997

At 19:28 31/12/97 GMT, Sean Mc Grath wrote:
>[Peter Murry Rust]
>>There are two sorts of posting on this subject: those people who have
>>offered to *do* something; and those people who have offered to tell the
>>others what to do :-).
>Careful there. I am easily insulted:-)

Not at all - just concentrating minds :-)

>I am not a Java programmer (yet). Neither am I an XML parser writer.
>However, what goes on in SAX-J discussions is important to me
>because it will form the basis of what goes into SAX-IDL and
>thusly into C++ and Python which I *do* write XML software in.

Of course. And your involvement in the IDL would be much welcomed.

>I do a lot of report generation/data harvesting from SGML/XML. That makes my
>usage of these things fundamentally different from the viewing type
>that (I believe) you are primarily interested in.

We appreciate that XML is many things to many people :-)  There is clearly
not a one-serves-everyone application.  (In fact my aspirations go beyond
the viewing process to the whole publication process - but publication
involving some unconventional material.)

The concentration on viewing is probably because may people will come to
XML through viewing it as their first activity. But it's not restrictive.

>I do not believe my worries/concerns are any less valid than yours. My need
>for a simple API is no less valid than yours. If someone

Excellent :-)

>had said "hey lets do a simple XML API for read-only apps" I would not have
>felt as concerned about dropped comments, pis, what have you.

I suspect that that was the primary concern that I had at the beginning. I
*am* concerned about XML2XML applications but am not optimistic that we
have very much experience to go on yet.
>If that was said when SAX started, I apologise for missing it and
>apologise for un-focusing the effort.

No - I suspect that there weren't enough clear-cut goals. We need to focus
on a subset. If the major demand is for document transformations, fine...

>Happy new year to everyone.

	On the Gregorian calendar...


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