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Rzepa, Henry h.rzepa at ic.ac.uk
Tue Feb 25 08:29:17 GMT 1997

I enclose a copy of the Info file that will be attached to this forum shortly.
It was prepared by Peter Murray-Rust

XML-DEV is an informal unmoderated list to support those who are interested
in the implementation and development of XML.  XML is being developed
as 'an extremely simple dialect' of SGML to 'enable generic SGML to be
served, received, and processed on the Web in a way that is now possible
with HTML'.  Further information about XML or pointers to it can be found at:
http://www.ucc.ie/xml/     (Peter Flynn's FAQ site)
http://www.sil.org/sgml/   (Robin Cover's SGML page)

The XML spec is still being actively developed and the latest draft is
at http://www.textuality.com/sgml-erb/WD-xml.html

This list is for those people actively involved in developing resources for
XML.  It is not restricted to members of the working group (WG) but many
subscribers to XML-DEV will be actively working on implementing some part
of the spec.  Examples of what might be discussed:
	- the detailed implementation of the spec
	- resources such as documentation, test data, test results.
	- XMLification of components (DTDS, entity sets, catalogs, etc.)
	- APIs for software developers.
	- problems in implementation, and queries for XML-related resources
	- the use of existing SGML tools in creating XML resources.

It is NOT appropriate to:
	- request general information on XML (use the FAQ)
	- discuss non-XML topics in SGML (use comp.text.sgml)
	- discuss revision of the spec (use the WG)

The mail on this list is publicly hypermailed and all posting should be made
with this in mind.  The hypermail is seen as a useful resource for locating
information, and for current awareness as to who is doing what.  If there is
sufficient volume, it may become valuable to abstract these pages from
time to time.

Peter Murray-Rust, Feb 21 1997

(There is no initial restriction on what software and other resources can
be discussed, but the current impetus is on developing prototypes in
parallel with the standard.  Several WG members and others have promoted
the use of interoperable components, and an informally managed namespace.
Any tools may be discussed, but it should be remembered that some subscribers
may not have access to some.)

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