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>How does is a Property which is a NodeList represented?
>What about a integer/string/boolean Property? 
>Or even worse, and integer list or a string list!  

The way it's done in the Property Set approach is to start by defining a
set of data types, some of which are 'lists of' more primitive data
types.  Excuse the home-grown notation:

{nodelist listof=node}
{enum} (for enumerated sets of values)
{string listof=char}
{intlist listof=integer}
{strlist listof=string}
{cnmlist} (the last two relate to the Property Set defns themselves, and
don't concern us - I think!)

Once you've got that out of the way, you simply associate a data type
taken from this list with each property you declare.

In a similar spirit, every {node} has intrinsic properties:


    Property: CLASSNM (class name) [COMPNAME]
    Property: GROVROOT (grove root) [NODE]
    Property: SUBPNS (subnode property names) [CNMLIST]
    Property: ALLPNS (all property names) [CNMLIST]
    Property: CHILDPN (children property name) [COMPNAME]
    Property: DATAPN (data property name) [COMPNAME]
    Property: DSEPPN (data sep property name) [COMPNAME]
    Property: PARENT [NODE]
    Property: TREEROOT (tree root) [NODE]
    Property: ORIGIN [NODE]
    Property: OTSRELPN (origin-to-subnode rel property name) [COMPNAME]

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