Whence XAPI?

John Tigue jtigue at datachannel.com
Wed Jul 9 23:30:56 BST 1997

Peter S. Housel wrote:

> I'm considering starting work on an XML parser (written in Dylan)
> , but
> I was waiting to see what sort of consensus the XAPI discussions would
> come to.

There doesn't seem to be much disagreement on XAPI-J 1.0, probably
because there isn't much to it; so far it's really just elements,
attributes, and events (the events are not done yet). Before going
forward I think it would be good to see some implementations of XAPI-J
other than DataChannel's.

XAPI-J is limited to Java. You might be more interested in the work of
the DOM which is language independent and much more encompassing than
XAPI-J 1.0. This work is limited in scope compared to the grove work of
DSSSL. The goal of XAPI-J 1.0 is to simply come up with common method
signatures for those methods which are present in the existing
processors. This allows for implementation independence for the
processor consumer.

John Tigue
jtigue at datachannel.com
DataChannel (http://www.datachannel.com)

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