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Thu Jul 10 02:16:08 BST 1997

I see the the automatic reformating of our mail system rendered the
tables unreadable.  I'll mail a spreadsheet and the sample data to
anyone who wants the data more readably, or wants to experiment.

--Andrew Layman
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> Subject:	Sizes
> I ran some quick tests on file sizes, before and after compression,
> using a sample of five invoices with details.  I ran the tests with
> XML,
> s-expressions, and XML with short end tags, and cross-tabbed this
> against Unicode vs. UTF-8 and compressed versus uncompressed.
> The bottom line is that, after LZW compression, there were no
> significant differences in file sizes. Prior to
	compression, s-expressions were 65% of XML, and using 
	short end tags was 69%.  (Neither of these, however, would 
	work for the "desparate PERL Hacker.") 

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