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At 11:25 PM +0200 on 12-07-1997, Dolin,Robert H wrote:

> >One of the concerns raised with SGML as a message interchange format regards
> >the ratio of tags to content / the overall length of a message when encoded
> >in SGML. Considerable markup minimization is possible with SGML. The debate
> >over message length versus ease of parsing messages also has
>implications for
> >the use of XML, which I am less familiar with, but believe has less capacity
> >for markup minimization. Does anyone have further thoughts on the
> >requirements of message length?
> >


As far as I follow the discussion in XML, I know that markup minimalisation
isn't a part of XML !

There is a standard using SGML in order to exchange finacial information.
They use the minimization, and supposedly are contemplating to conform to
the XML -standard.

At this moment there is possibly a debate starting at XML-DEV on this subject.

If we (HL7-SGML) think it should be included into XML, we must take action now.

My personal subjective opinion is that it should be included.

On the other hand XML is supposed to be a 'simple' version of SGML.
20% of the declarations and 80% of the functionality of SGML.
So adding this and adding that will be counterproductive with regards to
the design objective.

(I have no real life experience writing XML or SGML stuff. I'm a
contemplator, only)


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